1800 NW 94th Ave., Doral, FL. 33172

About CAP Studios

Inspiration lives here

We are a full-service Film and Television studio, physically prepared to handle the most demanding productions imaginable.

Boasting of two fully-equipped 4,200 Sq. ft. studios, our facilities were built to handle a number of productions, from corporate to live television, and offer full sound proof studios with individual control rooms. These studios (Studio A and Studio B) are equipped with state-of-the-art HD cameras, jibs, lighting, and uplink/downlink services which makes CAP Studios one of the few commercial production facilities offering such readiness in this city. We also have the capability to offer uplink services out of our facility. 

Headquartered in Miami and created by the network programing powerhouse, CARACOL Internacional, we have also had a hand in highly-rated and critically-acclaimed series and shows, such as el Cartel de los Sapos II, Las Muñecas de la Mafia, La Ruta Blanca, Pablo Escobar: EL Patrón Del Mal, La Teacher de Inglés, El Show con Tony Benítez, and El Paseo 4, to name a few.

Given our love for fútbol and other sports, CAP Studios has also spearheaded the broadcasting of live Sporting events, such as Colombia vs Venezuela – HardRock Stadium – Miami, FL (Sep.7, 2018), and Colombia vs. Argentina – MetLife Stadium – NJ (Sep 11, 2018)

Our studios are located at 1800 NW 94th Ave., Doral, FL 33172
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Our Facilities


Our offices and studios are located in the heart of the City of Doral and near Miami International Airport. Both of our studios have with their own control room available.

Although you may click here for more technical details, these are the general technical specifications of our studios:

4 HD cameras and one jib on each
Lighting grid, already prepared with lights
6 wireless microphones per studio
2 teleprompters per studio
2 IFBs per Studio
Light dims Per Studio
500KVA Generator
2 sound playbacks per Studio
Audio & video monitors
iNews service
Green screens in each studio
Uplink services
Production Offices
Make-up rooms
Wardrobe / Green rooms
Load in and out
24/7 Security
Edit and Graphic suites

Currently have sets that can be used for your production needs
Comfortable parking





Our Services

Production Support

Hair and make-up rooms
Mobile, props, and wardrobe available
Office space
Cafeteria area & catering

Contribution / uplink

6 Downlink antennas C&Ku band
1 Uplink antenna C band
Fiber connectivity to AT&T, Comcast, Vyvx, The Switch, AldeaVisión
Pickup truck, Ford F150


Trailer – 30’ mobile unit with switcher, audio, and monitoring
Ford F150 microwave truck, with 30’ BMS TX antenna stand
Ford F150 pickup truck
Ford Explorer SUV (7 passengers)
2 Dodge Caravan SUVs


Creative direction
Bible creation
Original formats


On location/studio
Art direction

Leverage the Power of Our Facilities

Our experience and expertise has gotten our clients’ productions in front
of thousands. We look forward to get your production started.