1800 NW 94th Ave., Doral, FL. 33172

Studio A

Tech Specs / Control Room A


  • Switcher Ross Carbonite 24×8 Multiview, PVW y PGM, VTR’s, and audio. Include 2 x 55” screens.
  • VTR’s Betacam Digital (SONY).
  • Play Out 2 Channels connected to the Nexis
  • Cameras Four (4) HDCAM HDC-930 (SONY)
  • Jimmy Jib Cammate 9 FT to 16 FT


  • Digital Audio Mixer, 24 channels, effect processor in stereo, 6 EQ graphic (YAMAHA 01V96)
  • DVD’s and MP3 Player (Sony).
  • Audio Instant Replay.
  • 5x Wireless Microphone System (Letrosonic)
  • 2x Channels IFB System connected to intercom matrix


Kroma Telecom Intercom matrix – 24 ports. Kroma

Channel Wireless Intercom Systems. Clearcom Hybrid

Phone System –12 Lines / 2 Channels.


Ross Carbonite Multiviewing System, PVW & PGM, VTRs and audio.

Includes two 55” plasma screens.


ETC Incriber Lighting Console.

2.4 Kwatts e/a dimmers, 144 Total DMX 512.

Video / Audio post

Five (5) Avid Media Composer Suites connected to a Nexis Server

Cranes / dollies

Jimmy Jib / Cammate 9–16 ft.

Vinten dolly systems.


4116 sq. ft. (56.7 x 72.3 ft.)

40-ton AC.

18’ to lighting grid.

144 circuit 20 amp.

Floor plan

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